SAMICK Compact Linear Bushing Product Guide

SAMICK Compact Linear Bushing Product Guide: • Help reduce costs in compact sizes and reasonable price • 100% compatibility with existing equivalent products Compact Linear Bushing (CLB) by SAMICK, a special list in linear bearings, is gaining popularity in the European market and expanding its product lineup to get choices from many customers. SAMICK’s CLB is a linear ball bearing that conforms to the market standard ISO 10285 with low cost, compact design, and easy assembly. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu–Pace6CU The product is also 100% compatible with the following brands: – “KH series” of the manufacturer “INA” * – “LBBR series” of the manufacturer “Ewellix (SKF)” * – “R0658 series” of the manufacturer “Bosch Rexroth” * * The above commercial mark belongs to a third party not affiliated with SAMICK. The Compact Linear Bushing (CLB) series, a key product of SAMICK’s customer-focused policies, will satisfy the customer’s quality needs, improve delivery issues and contribute to cost savings. CLB is mainly used for low precision simple transfer unit and its main application is as follows. -Packaging Machine, Food Processing Machine, Cutting Machine, Wood Processing Machine, Textile Machine, Medical Equipment, Exercise Equipment, etc. Meanwhile, SAMICK will participate in the Hannover Industry Fair, the world’s largest industrial exhibition in Hannover, Germany, in April next year, and will showcase its technology by introducing five new high-precision polygon guide products and actuators including Linear Bushing, the company’s flagship product. SAMICK PRECISION is a leading manufacturer of linear motion bearings. Linear Bushing, a world-class product designated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy in Korea, is a representative product of the company. It is developed for the first time in Korea with its own technology, maintains over 50% share in the Korean market, and is exported to 40 countries including Germany.More