Precision Positioning Table / TU series

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TU Series is a compact and slim type positioning table, consisting of a U-shaped track rail and a slide table. The slide table assembled inside the U-shaped track rail is an integral part of a linear motion rolling guide mechanism, in which two rows of large diameter steel balls are arranged in four point contact with raceways. Owing to this design, stable high accuracy and high rigidity are obtained in operations even under fluctuating load varying in direction and magnitude and complex load. Also, by adopting a U-shaped track rail, the rigidity of track rail under moment load and torsion is greatly improved. TU Series includes six sizes with a track rail width of 25 mm to 130 mm. For each of them, slide table length can be selected. Also, ball screw types and leads, motor types, and sensor installations, etc. can be selected to obtain an optimum positioning table suitable for each application.

Precision Positioning Table Series