Ball Bearings in stainless steel


The HFB SSP Stainless-Steel-Protection technology is a special and very thin INOX-Steel coating system, which makes the bearing housing resistant to aggressive environmental influences.

As a further developement to the zinc coating and similar surface coating HFB offers a process called SSP-technology (Stainless Steel Protection). This is a coat with very tiny particles of INOX-Steel 316-L, which guarantees a highly efficient surface protection against influence of weather, abrasion and corrosion. The SSP-coating has a short lead time since available housings can also be treated subsequently. The SSP-products stand the test every day in the most important industries. These components resist the most frequent mechanical and chemical strains which industrial machines and equipments are exposed to (such as liquids originated from production of paper). The product has been tested and approved by the USDA for the use in food industry machines where incidental food contact may occur.

Amongst others SSP offers protection against:

  • Corrosion by dampness/humidity (also at high pressure washing)
  • Cutting and hydraulic oil, mineral oil derivative
  • Industrial emissions
  • Food acids and syrup
  • Fermentation and distillation products
  • Mild acids and alkalis (<2%)
  • Mechanical stress like abrasion and thrust (shocks)
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