Ball Bearings with CORROPROOF coating



The CORROPROOF Special Coating offers easy and effective protection against corrosion for many applications.

Advantages of the CORROPROOF Coating:

  • Economic corrosion protection
  • Reasonably priced alternative compared with stainless steels and bearings
  • Significantly increased period of use compared with uncoated parts
  • Complete replaceability of coated and uncoated parts
  • Constructional changes are not necessary
  • Retrofitting is not necessary

Technical properties:

  • The coatings are free of pollutant hexavalent chromium (CRVI) and comply with the EU RoHS Directive (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances)
  • Galvanized and passivated (CR(III))
  • Silvery-blue iridescent surface
  • Coating thickness: 8 µm on average
  • Good resistance against condensed water, humidity as well as alkalescent and acid detergents
  • Test method: neutral salt spray test in accordance with DIN 50021

Field of application:

  • Material handling and conveyor systems
  • Systems in offshore areas
  • Food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Washing systems
  • Fan manufacturing
  • Cranes and lifting devices
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