SDI Plummer Block Housings


SDI Plummer Block Housings

The combination of optimised materials (grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron) with improved housing structure results in a higher level of stiffness tolerating higher loads.

The optimised force application in the installation surface as well as the improved heat removal base on the constructional redesign and the resulting enhanced geometry of the housing base. Therefore, low operating temperatures increase the lifetime of the bearings and seals as well as the working life of grease.

Easy to install markings of the bearings and the centre of the housing facilitate on-site assembly. Precise positioning of the bearing reduces vibrations and therefore prevents high heat generation with the effect of extended life of bearing and grease.

The housings are equipped with marks for centre for the sealing area as well as an application-oriented bearing lubrication. Oil lubrication can be realised as well on request. Additional bags allow a connection of both bearing sides which guarantees a uniform oil level. An optional oil sight gauge prevents over-filling.

Vibration and temperature sensors also can be easily installed at a later time due to the new marks for centre.

A pinhole at the housing foot (also on both sides) at the marked spot can be additionally ordered or bored during assembly. This is for the exact positioning by means of a pin arranged during assembly and the force absorption in clamping surface directions. An additional modification of the hosings permits the mounting of heating elements.

Typical fields of operation are among other things:

  • Conveying technology
  • Materials handling
  • Mining industry
  • Recycling technology

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